Career Opportunities

Currently looking for local Box Truck Drivers and Part-Time workers. We are always accepting resumes from experienced individuals for multiple positions that range from our office crew to our shop crew.


  • Self motivated, dedicated and determined
  • Attention to detail and thoroughness in executing given tasks
  • Creative, efficient, flexible, teamplayer, & detail oriented

Here at TLC we are willing to work with individuals serious about becoming a professional lighting technician. Your tasks would vary depending on whether you worked on a film, TV or theater production, but could include: 

  • How to set up and tear down lighting systems for various events.
  • Read and interpret a lighting designers plan.
  • Planning where to run cables and place lights at film locations.
  • Programming consoles and loading automated color change systems before a show.
  • Operating manual and computer-controlled lighting systems during a show.
  • Once trained, you will be able to set up, focus and operate light fixtures and equipment.

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