About Us


Theatrical Lighting Connection has been offering its customers superior service since 1984. We are a full service lighting and labor company located in the greater Chicagoland Area. As an IATSE Local 2 sponsor, trainer, and contracted supplier we have taken part in some of the biggest, smallest and broadest range of creative lighting applications. We provide design and implementation of production lighting for all events requiring the creative use of light. From all types of live performances to exhibits, we are dedicated to providing clients with the finest possible service by utilizing state of the art equipment and employing ETCP certified electricians and riggers who are dedicated. We make sure our staff has and maintains the highest of standards that are constantly changing and adapting with modern age technology.

In addition, we can provide all facets of rigging and trussing with all our lighting systems. From simple box truss configurations to ground support systems that are indispensable for situations where rigging points are not available, we have it all.