DMX Data Lynx

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All-in-one DMX router, tester, disaster recovery unit. Can instantly switch between two lighting consoles with up to four DMX universes per console. Can also test moving lights and cables, diagnose and display DMX data, and backup scenes from any console.


Acts as a safety backup to the main console.
Records or creates up to 10 back-up looks from the main console in seconds. 2048 channels each
Automatically or manually accesses any or all of the back-up in the event of a DMX failure.
Instantly switches between any two DMX consoles with up to four outputs each, with no cable swapping.

Buffers DMX data for extended cable runs.

Performs all standard DMX test routines (Transmit Some, One, All, Auto Fade One, Auto Fade All channels).
Displays DMX data as decimal, percentage or hex values.
Transparently reads and diagnoses DMX data packets; even during a show.
Tests cables through the entire system, including through opto-splitters.
Tests multiple moving fixtures at any starting address in any DMX universe using editable fixture libraries.
The DDL has nearly 200 moving fixtures in the PC Downloader fixture libraries.

Incorporates opto-isolation on input and output groups to prevent ground loops and static problems.

7 button keypad interface.
Front panel power and console select switches.
Backlit 16×2 character LCD.
Easy to see front panel LEDs display the user configuration and data status at a glance.
Switch selectable 115V/60HZ or 230V/50HZ operation.
User configurations and data memory are retained for over 5 years by an internal lithium battery.

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