ETC Sensor R20AF Module

Product Code: ETCSENSER20AF

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The Relay Module is a dual, plug-in mechanical relay assembly for use in both Sensor®+ and Unison® Dimming Series modular dimmer rack enclosures. Each Relay Module provides two electrically held relays, in the same form factor as standard dimmer modules. This enables designers to mix and match dimmer and relays for control of diverse loads. Ideal for control of non-dimmable load types such as HID lamps. Standard Relay Modules provide cost-effective switching while Advanced Features Relay Modules enable dimmer-specific feedback of load circuit data while performing switching in AF-capable Sensor+ dimmer enclosures.


  • High Intensity Discharge ballasts (Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium)
  • Non-dimmed On/Off loads
  • Motors
  • Power for fans and standard outlets
  • Moving lights, fog machines and other powered effects

Product Features:

  •  Level-activated mechanical relays
  • Two circuits per module
  • High-density modular assembly
  • Die-cast aluminum chassis
  • Fully magnetic circuit breakers