Par 64 Strobe Cannon

Product Code: P64BFST

Dimensions: 8 1/32″ diameter; 5 1/2″ deep

Weight: 1.5 lbs

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DMX Strove Cannon modules are high performance, direct DMX-512 control,professional xenon strobe lights. They are high intensity and designed for professional use to fit most par cans. They concentrate explosions of light into designed areas of illumination.

Product Features:

  • DMX control – up to 256 strobes with individual rate and intensity
  • High output power 30 Joules/flash,  600,000 candela
  • Operates from standard 120Volt 50/60Hz line voltage, specify  -240 if 240Volt 50/60Hz is required.
  • Analog inputs/outputs (including stand alone)
  • Microprocessor DMX-512 control of individual rates and intensities
  • Digital channel assignment selector
  • Daisy-chain analog control compatible
  • Auto recognition of control scheme
  • High speed flash rates to 15 fps
  • Self-resetting safety thermal switch (55 degrees C)
  • Not phase sensitive
  • 30 degree beam angle produces a spot of 6′ in diameter at a throw of 12′
  • 5600 degree K color temperature
  • Status indicator LED
  • Power on LED
  • Long life,1000Watt quartz xenon  lamp (10million flashes)
  • 50/60 Hz with auto detection
  • Extended duty (5 minutes from start-up) 25% continuous no trip.
  • Power requirements: At 120Volt 2 fixtures/15Amp ckt. At 240Volt 4 fixtures/16Amp circuit.