Magenta Transmitter – VGA/DVI

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The Infinea DVI transmitter is available in two functionality categories. The base category supports extension of DVI video only while the -SAP category supports extension of DVI video, stereo audio and addressable duplex serial. While the standard cabling option for extension is UTP, both Multi-mode and single-mode fiber cabling is supported through optional plug & play fiber modules. Each Infinea transmitters support a local DVI port enabling either a local display or the ability to cascade to additional transmitters for point to multi-point distribution.

The addressable duplex serial capability enables independent control over each display device in a point to multi-point or multi-point distribution network. Each display device can be switched on or off and the settings of the display (e.g. brightness, contrast) can be programmed and updated remotely. The return path available with the bidirectional duplex capability can be used to check the settings and health status of each display or to receive data from interactive devices such as touch panels.

Key Features

  • 1080P DVI support at 600ft/183m (UTP), 1640ft/500m (MMF) and 10 KM (SMF)
  • Standard UTP support with optional single mode and multimode fiber options
  • DDC/EDID support
  • Local display and DVI cascade support
  • Audio and addressable duplex serial support (-SAP series only)
  • Optional mount kits and mini-dense power supplies for rack-mount / rigid installations