Mac Viper Wash DX

Product Code: MLMACDX

Dimensions: 22.28″ x 18.58″ x 13.18″

Weight: 76.5 lbs

Product ID: MACVW Category: .


The MAC Viper Wash DX is a full-feature, full-range wash luminaire with a unique internal barndoor system (shutters) that enables designers to shape and control light projection onto stages, performers, scenery, scrims or any set element with great precision. The fixture’s internal framing system makes it a highly capable, automated substitute for a conventional daylight Fresnel fixture.

The MAC Viper Wash DX features an outstanding quality of light with unlimited color choices and maintains near full efficiency throughout its entire zoom range with no visible beam jump when zooming from tight to wide. The fixture has adopted the compact form, impressive speed, superior light quality and beautiful colors that the MAC Viper Profile is renowned for and uses the same 1000-watt lamp.

Product Features:

  • 33000 Lumens – Excellent light quality with a uniform field and 6000K color temperature
  • 1:5 zoom – Continuous and fast
  • CMY – vibrant color mixing with a superior pallets of colors including true reds, rich ambers, primary green and deep blues
  • 7-slot color wheel 0 fixed colors added for color choice
  • Linear CTO – daylight to tungsten CCT control and expansion of the CMY palette
  • Dimmer and shutter – combined dimmer/shutter system with intensity effects, instant blackout/open and smooth fades
  • Internal barndoor system – 1 pair of indexing shutters
  • Iris – fast and tight iris with adjustable dynamis effects
  • The MAC Viper Wash uses 18 DMX channels in basic 16-bit mode and 24 DMX channels in extended 16-bit mode.
User Guide  User Guide.pdf