Product Code: LSGUNIT
Dimensions: 24″ x 35″ 60″
Weight: 210 lbs
**Must Provide CO2**

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When you need to produce a dramatic and powerful fog effect, the Ultratec LSG MKII is “The Real Thing”. When used with a Ultratec fog machine, the LSG MKII´s patented CO2 conditioning process produces a huge, continuous output of low-lying fog. The LSG MKII can achieve many impressive effects including fog curtains and waterfall effects.

Product Features:

  • Huge, Continuous Output
  • Low Pressure
  • Remote, Show Control an DMX Control Available
  • Compact, Rugged Design
  • Dry, White, Water-Based Effect
  • Proven Performance
  • Patented CO2 Conditioning Process
  • Industry Standard 3/4″ CGA CO2 Fitting
LSG Manual  LSG Manual.pdf