ETC Net 1 Remote Video Interface

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ETCNet, now known as ETCNet1 to differentiate it from ETCNet2 and Net3, was ETC’s original Ethernet based control protocol. It is a proprietary protocol and the specifications are not publicly available. ETCNet1 is a raw ethernet protocol, meaning that it will not work over a routed network and may not work with certain types of network switches. To be sure, use of a network hub is recommended. ETCNet1 provides transport of console video data, DMX (up to 4 universes), tracking backup information and keyboard information over the network. It does not allow for DMX inputs or DMX patching over the network. This is a used Remote Video interface which requires a separate external monitor.

Products that speak ETCNet1 include:

  • Express
  • Expression/Insight 2/2x/3
  • Obsession(1)
  • Net1 Remote Video Interface (RVI)
  • Net1 Remote Interface Unit (RIU)