Coloram / GoboRam Power Supply



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The Coloram II System consists of one or more Color Changers or other components and a remote Power Supply. The DMX512 control signal from the lighting board is connected to the Power Supply and can continue on to more Coloram II Power Supplies or other DMXcontrolled devices. The Power Supply sends both power and control signal on a single cable eliminating the need for a separate power cable for each Color Changer. The Coloram II System also allows you to control the Color Changer fan speed via one or multiple DMX channels on the lighting console. The Coloram II System is equipped with the Intelligent Diagnostic System (IDS). Status information is sent from each of the Coloram Color Changers to the Coloram Power Supply. The Power Supply in turn transmits the information along pins 4 and 5 of the DMX cable to The Watchdog Status Monitor. The Watchdog then displays Color Changer status information at your lighting console position.

The Power Supply converts the DMX512 signal level from the lighting console into Coloram I / Coloram II control signal which it then sends to each Color Changer along with 24 volts DC. The Power Supply features a DMX bypass relay to pass the DMX signal to the DMX output connector in the event of AC power loss. The Power Supply features an 8 character LED display and three selector buttons. This user interface is used to select the starting DMX channel, set operating modes, send remote commands to the Color Changers and view Color Changer status.


ColoRam ii PowerSupply  ColoRam ii PowerSupply.pdf