Chroma-Q Color Force 12

Product Code: CQCF12
Dimensions: 13.2″ x 7.5″ x 8.6″
Weight: 9lbs
Power Supply: Powercon Adapter

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The Chroma-Q® Color Force™ 12 is a truly multi-purpose LED fixture that is suitable for numerous entertainment lighting disciplines. The unit provides power across the spectrum, from deep cold blues to red hot lava looks all from a single fixture. At only 300mm / 1ft long, the unit is ideal for floor, wall or truss mounting. It also provides a massive output of 2,400 lumens, easily washing up to 8m / 26ft with smooth, theatrical grade dimming.


Product Features:

  • Huge RGBA full colour palette and high CRI of 92
  • Deep cold blues and red hot lava looks from a single fixture
  • Extremely smooth uniform wash
  • Massive output across the spectrum – 2,400 lumens
  • 335mm / 1ft* length ideal for floor, wall or truss mounting
  • Suitable for numerous entertainment lighting disciplines
ChromaQ_Colorforce_12_Manual  ChromaQ_Colorforce_12_Manual.pdf