6″ Leonardo Desisti – 1kw

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The Leonardo 1000W is a compact, highly efficient Fresnel lens spotlight and provides a smooth uniform field across the entire spread of Spot to Flood focusing. It uses a single ended Quartz Halogen lamp with a colour temperature of 3200° K and it is, among the other benefits, an efficient natural ventilation granting extended life for lamp, reflector and lens through all the working positions, plus front and rear focusing mechanism and an innovative lens door accessory clips which can be positioned to suit various applications. Lightweight, rugged and reliable either in studio or on location, the Leonardo 1000W has outstanding photometric characteristics.Designed for cine or combo stand mounting. Ideal for main lighting. Manual operation of pan, tilt, focus and barn dooring.

 Product Features:

  • Utilizes a cable driven focusing system instead of a conventional worm gear drive.
  • The focusing system uses Teflon bushings, which glide over chrome plated brass rods, eliminating the binding and slippage associated with metal bushings. This helps the rails stay clean, and avoids pitting.
  • Offers heavy-duty construction for industrial applications, featuring a 10″ (25.4cm) fresnel lens.
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