6″ Altman Fresnel

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A basic set lighting device for stage, studio and television. The 1KAF produces a soft edge beam which varies in diameter from 5.7 feet to 39 feet at a throw distance of 25 feet. The 1KAF is designed for operation with long life, high intensity, tungsten halogen lamps, with either medium bi-post or prefocus bases. The luminaire is used in theatre for acting area lighting where beam shaping is not required, or in the studio as a key light or back light when a smooth even beam is required. Constructed of cast aluminum and designed to withstand trouping, the 1KAF is also used in nightclubs, museums and showrooms where high intensity, soft edged controlled lighting is required.

Product Specifications

  • Fixture Type: Rugged lightweight die-cast aluminum
  • Specular spherical Alzak aluminum reflector
  • Spot to flood focus adjustment with unique quick set adjustment lever
  • 6” heat resisting Fresnel lens
  • Medium prefocus socket (1KAF-MPF only)
  • G9.5 two pin socket optional (1KAF-G95)
  • Color frame and safety cable with spring clip included
  • Safety screen included
  • Three 36’ Teflon lead wires
  • Up to 25 feet of Hi-Temp rubber cable optional
  • U.L., c.U.L. and CE listed for 1000 watts.
  • Made in the USA
  • Altman Fresnel 1KAF  Altman Fresnel 1KAF.pdf