3 Cell Broad Cyc Unit

Product Code: 3CELLCYC

Length: 27.5″

Available Lamps: 

  • FHM 1K Clear
  • FCM 1K Clear
  • FCZ 500 Frosted
  • FCL 500 Clear
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Cyc lights provide smooth even coverage for walls, curtains and scrims. Triple cell cyc lights are the perfect lighting fixture for RGB color mixing on your upstage wall or cyclorama. 3-Cell cyc fixtures can be hung overhead or they may be placed as a groundrow. Includes trunions or hanging brackets, color frame.

Product Features:

  • Die-cast and sheet steel construction
  • Broad even distribution
  • High efficiency reflector
  • Wide spacing – 12′ O.C. typical
  • Multiple mounting configurations
  • Safety screen(s), color frame and safety cable with spring clip included
  • U.L. and c.U.L. listed for 1500 watts
  • Made in the USA