Jands Hog 1000

Product Code: CCHOG1000

Dimensions: 36.3″ x 6″ x 21.2″

Weight: 38 lbs


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High End Hog 1000 consoles integrate unprecedented power and functionality in compact lighting controllers. Hog 1000 consoles include many of the classic Wholehog 2’s most powerful features, including Effects Engine, playback and 3D positional programming. Designers and programmers familiar with the Wholehog 2 operating system will be instantly comfortable using these boards.

Product Features:

  • Intuitive programming interface compatible with all types of moving lights from top manufacturers
  • Effects Engine playback allows complex effects, including rainbows and ballyhoos
  • Simultaneous playback of independent cue lists, chases or effects on masters (dedicated or virtual)
  • Advanced page features, including instant changes, cross-fading between pages, flexible sizes, automatic holdover and activity recall
  • Rugged, 100% solid-state construction, fully contained in console
  • Two separate DMX-512 outputs
  • Multiple playback masters, each able to run the most complicated cue lists or chases
  • Support for MIDI In/Thru/Out and Timecode
  • Tracking mode for backup console
  • Any fixture can be patched to any location
  • Comprehensive fixture library and World Wide Web library support
  • DMX Channels: 1024
  • Menu Banks: 4
  • Masters: 16
  • Displays: 7
User Manual  User Manual.pdf